Welcome Future Adopters!

Hello cat lovers. I took in a stray cat that turned out to be pregnant and I’m looking for homes for 6 adorable kittens. They’re up for adoption through Kitten Rescue and I get to choose who they go to! They’re $120 for 1, $200 for 2 and they come tested for diseases like FIV, dewormed, vaccinated, fixed/spayed and microchipped. They will be ready for their homes as early as JULY 27th when they turn 8 weeks old.

I’ve been feeding them healthier types of cat food (grain free with no artificial ingredients) to ensure they go to their homes healthy and happy. I’ve had to take off work in order to care for them and they sure aren’t cheap dates so the quicker I can find adopters, the more my bank account will thank me! It’s been a wonderful journey giving them all the care they need but I am excited for them to find their forever homes.

Please post this blog or send to anyone who might be looking for a furry little friend 🙂

Adoption inquiries: JamieH1116@gmail.com

The Story

While walking home at night I found this very sweet cat that seemed lost. I know a lot of stray cats in the area and she seemed like she wasn’t sure where to go. There’s been an increase in coyotes in the neighborhood so I took her in and put up Found Cat signs up in the area and posted everywhere online.

No one came forward and I was going on vacation so I had to find a friend to watch her. While on vacation I got an email from my friend saying they took her into the vet for a minor cyst and the vet said she was pregnant and due very soon!

A week after I got back she gave birth and I was lucky enough to assist and be there for her.


Margot – one very happy mama

Meet The Kittens

Name: Piper

Description: Female, short haired, all black

Likes: Drinking from the bottle (though she’s getting used to wet food), being in my lap, running faster than the others





Name: Pluto

Description: Male, fluffy, all black

Likes: Winning my heart with his baby face, learning things quickly and doing them well (took to the bottle and wet food so easily), tilting his head in the cutest way




Name: Betsy

Description: Female, short haired, grey/black tabby

Likes: Climbing! Climbing my legs, beating up her brothers and showing them who’s boss, being held like a baby and wiggling on her back




Name: Henry

Description: Male, fluffy, brown/black coloring

Likes: Winning the contest of who can be the calmest, having the most polite “meow”, having a face that is sure to be the next internet cat celebrity!




Name: Charlie

Description: Male, short haired, black and white

Likes: Hiding in small spaces like his foster’s hanging shoe organizer, being a lap kitty and getting constant snuggles, having the most whiskers out of the litter




Name: Frank

Description: Male, fluffy, black and white

Likes: Exploring new territory, being held like a baby and gazing into your eyes, being the biggest of the litter, being the chillest and cutest cat ever



If interested, please email me at JamieH1116@gmail.com


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